Irish Chisholm Genealogy

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This site collects genealogy research for the Chisholm families in Ireland.

This surname is not particularly common in Ireland which fortunately makes collating information a bit easier.

This is counteracted by the spelling of the name which varies significantly within families and in record keeping.

The common spellings for the name are the original spelling Chisholm and phonetically Chism. In addition it is also possible to find other phonetical spellings such as Chisim, Chisum and Chisolm.

As history of the surname shows, the Chisholm surname originates in Scotland. From the research into my own family it surprises me how widespread this name is across Ireland.

Most of these records are sourced from online resources, with a few exceptions related to my own family research. These records only detail Chisholms and do not trace any non-Chisholm lines, e.g. If Sarah Chism marries James Rice, her children will be named Rice. Her partner and her partners family are not detailed. In some cases, if easily found, the children will be named. These records can be found with this detail from the following links. Single records have been collated by myself to try and locate possible family connections. This allows complete Chisholm families to be identified and possible connections to other areas. This is based on my own research and as such, there may be records or information missing or incomplete. The records detailed were identified and collated from the following links:

The pages below sort records of Chisholms across the island of Ireland by county and registration district as collated by myself.

Records are sorted by parents, and then their children and their children and so on. The records are coloured to indicate families where all one colour indicates siblings. If information is not known then it is left as a ?.

Please be aware that this is very much a Work In Progress.

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